Now that I am where I am at present…this is where the real creative work begins. How can this one manifestation begin to weave and wind her way to creating a better world. It begins with consumption…and choice by choice the puzzle needs to be remade…the tapestry on this planet of how we all live in unison begins in this moment through individual responsibility, by choosing wisely what you consume and then by taking it to heart and acting on it from a place of love and compassion. I can only change my habits and let that become a way of being and living by activity being engaged in my choices and how they best serve the future of the planet around me. I need not be distracted my the choices of others as it will only distract me away from forming a relationship with the present moment.

The answer to changing our ways as a unit is remembering that you are one and one can become many if we all focus on our own inner knowing and take heart that we are taking steps to free our minds to the possibilities of what can achieved together…inside ourselves…not outside.

What do you consume on a daily basis? What experiences do you consume? Do they align with your inner knowing…or are they a conditioned response? Is it a life of constant external stimuli driving you forward or are you aligning with an expression of that light you know is inside you but your own personal pain fm is distracting you from? There is no expectation, judgement or outcome from that knowing…

Ask yourself where your attention is at any given moment in the day? Is it bringing me closer to or further away form my inner knowing. It might be a conversation you are part of or a newspaper article you are reading. Without judgement or expectation but with an open outcome…does this bring me closer to what my needs are…not the needs of the person whom your are engaged in conversation or the misfortune of the people in the article…but you the person right there experiencing these things…what are they stimulating you to do or think? Does it have any effect on the quality of your life when the conversation is over and the article is finished being read. Has your life been improved in anyway? Keep asking yourself questions…lots and lots of questions start to form pathways away from unnecessary consumption of material and information from places and people that don’t effect you in your immediate state of existence. Questions ignite curiosity and this opens up the present moment to a path that allows you get get to know presence and what it needs to flourish.

We are what we consume and where we live. If we live in our mind…it will bombard us with a stream of doom and gloom, and this will be our present state of things. If we tune into our knowing the world becomes a different place. Where we focus our attention is what makes us what we are. Once we all learn this and harness this then we can begin to make real changes in the world. We all know what we need to do…deep down…we know…most of us are just so overstimulated and conditioned we’ve lost our way and I guess that is why I’m writing this blog…to be a beacon and light the way through the darkness.

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