The Present State of Things

To my knowing the world is in crisis. We have been in crisis for a very long time. Probably my whole life because I haven’t seen too much change happen in how we all live. Not any kind of shift in mindset where people are actually advancing themselves in what it means to be a human. I travelled this far not knowing much about by abilities, my body, my mind or how to operate such a complex structure and progress forward in a direction that allows me to evolve…..because isn’t that what life all around us is teaching us? All life evolves. Us as humans have the advantage of being aware of this evolution from an intelligent perspective, sadly unlike all of our animal and plant cousins here on earth we have lost touch with our innate purpose that drives those two kingdoms forward. Our Kingdom, the Kingdom of humanity has lost its way on the evolutionary path.

Operating systems that exist to manage our population are distorting our sense of presence as a unit. They pull us towards guidelines, rules and structures that don’t support our innate systems. Society is not-self created by what chimes best inside the hearts of the people, it asks us to reshape our spheres to accommodate theirs ideas. Those ideas come from the focus of attention on streams of information being fed to the human psyche from fear fm. The reptilian brain or limbic system is running the world. It’s no longer necessary for us to focus on this information. It’s time to tune into safe mode…into our knowing…and make choices from our hearts. Because it is the hearts of man who will bring freedom to the world..not the minds. The present state of things is that we all have a choice to make…do we continue to listen to our minds and take their council on what is best for us as individuals and as a group or do we make a shift…a shift into a state of knowing and connection. Because from my experience this is where change happens with ease…..ego falls away to the background and a new sense of self appears, one that nurtures effortlessly has an abundance of compassion and endless kindness. Every human can gently awaken to their true nature. This is a possibility that is truly amazing to me…daily practice and connecting can help people to find their true nature and can transform the world. I have seen this happen in my life…my relationships have shifted and the people around me are opening up their curiosity and interest because it’s infectious. Everyone has a part to play and that’s what makes it so exciting to me.

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