First Steps

This is it. My space. I’ve opened it and now here I am taking my first steps again. There has been a lot of this lately. I have a queasiness and a lump in my throat and I’m making my best efforts to not let the flood gates of “what are you doing” thoughts to stop me from typing. You see the thing is I’ve just started to live my life and I’ve found that there is a lot I need to share now that I can see the world through new lenses, that I seem to have found firmly upon my out looking face. This is a face I never knew existed before and its pretty rad!

It’s like a version of me that is more alert and comfortable with all the un comfortableness I find around me. I have been anchored into a deeper present state of being I never knew existed. I feel like I’ve been let in on a big secret that was always there just waiting to be found. I love more, feel more and accept more than I ever have done and the best bit is I didn’t need anything outside of myself to get to this place. It was all just there waiting for me to observe it. The magic we lust for in fairy tales and stories of old is real and its inside people on this earth. This is a magic free of expectations, outcomes, ideologies or attachment. It’s free energy that has no sin or no penance. There is no judgement on right or wrong, there is just knowing. The knowing is the guiding light. It is this knowing that frees you from judgment and reaction and allows all heavy weighted experiences be revealed for the illusions that they are. There is a communication of what faithfulness to our true nature requires and how that can potentially be our present state. It’s the possibility of harnessing this free energy and unifying with it that has given me the opportunity to be living an authentic life.

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