Creating Space

It began in my home…the place where I shed the skin of my previous state of existence and the wildness of this experience began to take on a life of its own. Days and days I spend removing layers of stuff I had surrounded myself with. All kinds of items had built up in my space. My habitat…this is now a sacred space for me. The place in which I inhabit is an extension of me…much like my body and my mind…it is another layer I have influence over and can manage in alignment with my higher self. Only things I am ready for a capable of managing surround me. Surprisingly they are growing more beautiful and at a rapid rate now that I am open. My home has become a temple where I now honour my body, mind and spirit. It’s a miracle to me and a sign of how this magic really works when I wake up and inhabit this space and its something that’s alive and evolving like me, it assists me and supports me and opens up opportunities for growth and creative expression. This is the place I am beginning from…my spring board out into the world, its my anchor and my grounding point.

As I shifted the weight around me which took enormous effort, I could feel every decision-making me stronger and more powerful but not in the patriarchal sense of power, it was pure empowerment…I was giving this gift to myself through my actions. Suddenly after weeks and weeks of this process space began to emerge…and it wasn’t just empty space it was empty space filled with possibility. No longer did those empty corners pull me down…no…they lifted me up and I listened to the knowing always guiding me. Soon my home became filled with spaces that reflected my needs and my outlets like never before. The obstacles I once confront seems to be swept away with ease and the new just flowed in. It wasn’t always easy…listening to the knowing takes great skill and openness and some trial and error was needed to tune in more deeply as each space opened up. My life is now alive, bountiful and growing and its thriving from my presence as I am thriving from it’s. We are connected and in communion with one another. I have a dialogue with the space around me, it connects me and supports me.

Time was next…or the illusion of time. How was I using the spaces in my day? Now that I have created a growth mindset though creating a physical space the next task was how to create and fill the spaces in my day with activities and people who add value to my experience of life. This is the present state of things for me and I am immersed in tuning in to my day moment by moment and connecting with my knowing and my environment to guide me. And it is here I stop and wait and work and tune in deeper still.

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