There are highs and lows when making tangible connections with the space inside, and there is sadness. Just stock standard sadness. In my inner space there is an underdeveloped element at play. It’s my counter part, my one thing that makes me feel whole. I am developing a knowing with my feminine soul because I am a woman and this is and always will be my perspective in this life. But as I journey further into the whole I sense a weak pulse from my masculine counter part for they have forgotten their true nature almost entirely. Without both energies working to go inside and bring out what has been lost and remembering what it feels like to be whole the cycle of suffering we are experiencing is going to continue. Coming back into a balanced state of presence is going to require more attention on masculinities place in our inner space and at a fundamental level every woman is aware that something inside the male community has become dormant.

There is a separation between our two energies that divides and ails our efforts to sync together, to merge as one whole working collaboratively and collectively with the deep sense of knowing that lives equally within both parts of the whole. The language of true authentic masculinity is so precious and it is being lost to us. Male energy has been minimised down to but a few bare aspects of their authentic nature, the systems we live by have severed many of the energetic limbs masculinity once shone outwards. Trauma endured through the ages has led them to forget their earthly voices.  They are burdened with the wounds and have grown hard and hatful, but many of them do not know why. It is as if male energy is in a state of shock and they are trapped unable to remember who they really are and who we really are to them. Its’ as if they are in state of energetic amnesia.

The product of this shock state runs rife all around us. It has seeped into our consciousness like a poison. It runs through the veins of our collective. It’s present with man, woman and child everyday, it breeds through families and communities. It stifles, chokes and belittles. It cuts and wounds deeper and deeper, generation after generation. This is the present state of things.

Both feminine and masculine aspects have so much to offer to one another. If one looses a limb the dance can not be danced as it was intended. What are we willing to do to re animate each other? How far will each of us bend to bring the other back into alignment so the dance can go on?

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