Inner Space

Have you looked inside and quietened your mind and found a still point? If you waver too far to the right or too far to the left you might miss it, its about finding that sweet spot, and all of a sudden as if by magic the whole arena is revealed and it’s magnificent. Did you perhaps have a fleeting glance and then startle back to where you were sitting? Did a smile begin to curl on your face? What did you see?

The inner land scape is vast and endless, so many possibilities and connections just waiting for our attention so they can absorb the goodness that free energy emits, the energy that every person possess is our gift to ourselves. What if I just started this or just moved that around? These are the questions that the inner landscape responds to, they delight in the play and interaction we create with them. A narrative forms with each individual stream being developed. I like to look at them as being living evolving aspects of the inner landscape of my soul. They are real structures that can be moved around redeveloped and completely destroyed if necessary. Moment by moment each aspect of a person has the potential to grow and develop and attention is what allows this to happen. Give anything presence and attention and it will blossom. Finding these sensations is one thing, but embodying them is quite another.

I have found a great resistance at times to installing these new attributes just like any new routine or action needed to be taken in life to create progressive change. But everything has to begin somewhere and new shoots are fragile and need care and attention. Being gentle with my mind, staying present and handling any opposition the mind makes with strong council is essential to successfully shifting a mindset. I like to address my minds concerns with a simple, “thank you for highlighting this possible outcome, but I’m choosing to stay open to all possibilities today” this is my favoured response when an opposing force rises up. It usually dissipates pretty fast with practice and flow is re-established and I can continue on my with my communication with whatever new value or outlook I’m experimenting with, testing out, or trying to get humming just right in my heart. It’s how you would learn any new skill, a little bit more of this, a little less of that, etc is usually what my self talks sounds like as I’m navigating my way through some new installation in my sphere, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

Another helpful way I deal with something surprising that pops up from my mind or from an interaction with another energy is always finding that neutral point and pausing to wait for a cue from my intuition before reacting how I would have in the past. I have had this strange sensation almost like an echo happen to me on occasion. It’s like the action I would have taken in the past playing out energetically outside of me as I follow my new path, it’s like a splitting off and letting go of an old pattern, but I can physically and emotionally sense it as it moves off in a different direction. I always feel good after this happens because I feel lighter, like I’m no longer weighted down by conditioning and having to carry this heavy pattern around with me and be a slave to playing it out repeatedly. Having an open ended identity is important and not getting fixed on systems or structures that once supported me, embracing the cycle of death and rebirth that happens all though life is essential to harnessing flow. I feel as if my spirit is becoming free as I practice all of these new skills in my day, a spirit that has space to choose what happens next. I am writing my own narrative now and its an open book where anything is possible.

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