Source Values

What is this mysterious journey I take each month? And what is its purpose? Living in resistance to it is the equivalent of denying the existence of day and night, the seasons we travel through each year and the cycles of our beloved moon! They are an intrinsic part of our existence, the laws of nature govern us in ways we must surrender to, they set the stage for all the living that goes on in-between. The feminine cycle is another intrinsic part of our existence, yet we no longer observe it and connect with its relevance to who we truely are.

The kingdom of humanities greatest heritage is the feminine cycle. It is nature in action. Just as the seasons bring new shoots, growth, the harvest and a resting phase, the feminine cycle is also rooted in this natural cycle of life, death and rebirth.

I began the decent into my cycle some time ago. Bringing source values into my life and living in alignment with what they have to teach me has brought a natural structure to my world. It guides me when to take right action. I am still working through every cycle to tune in further to this ancient language. The world around me has done a good job at conditioning these natural rhythms inside me into a state of almost non existence. They lie dormant within me, I journey now to awaken the wildness that resides inside. I fumble and resist as I learn how to speak in this ancient tongue. I am re animating my natural state of being and it’s hard work, but I persist as I am hungry for change.

The wave that I ride as I journey each cycle is decadent in the array of possibilities that I can harness…these are possibilities I always felt were outside of me or not for me. All my needs are being met and I am startled by natures brilliance in design. I need understand this new pattern and how it all connects and flows together. I feel something is missing…months and months of repetition and following the pattern of releasing and letting go, planting the seed of new beginnings, co creating and communicating and reflection and quiet has taught me so much but I still feel as if I am merely skimming the surface and haven’t tapped into its full potential.

The voice of my ancestors rises louder and louder cycle after cycle, the waves are stronger and its as if a beast is being unleashed inside me and I am bound to tame it. Once again I sit and listen. I have been a fool. I have been merely following natures design as if it was something outside of me and not embodying it. I know what I need to do…I need to deepen my commitment and embody these source values, and ritual is the passageway to unifying my soul with my true nature. I must journey on deeper to make this connection…further into the unknown.

My curiosity is my companion, for my fear alone is too great to guide me on this journey. My knowing calms and soothes me as I prepare to go within. My mind drifts with wonder how life as I know it could all be about to change…because change in whatever form it takes is imminent. Excitement rises and I begin to grin from ear to ear as I push forward and my soul begins to ignite as I enter the wilds of nature within.

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