The play I have been experiencing has been enhancing and guiding my experience. I have felt supported and nurtured…now I feel as if all of this playing around is about to take on form. The alignment is happening, I am shifting and embodying this layer of confusion that has haunted me for decades. The cogs are lining up as I spin and dance the dance we are all here to experience. All the preparations have been made and the stage is now set to live in harmony, oscillating through day and night, through the power I am harnessing by stepping into my feminine cycle and through the shift in the seasons around me. I am speaking the language of the soul now…I have entered a new realm.

New spaces appear now, I am experiencing a renewal, I can feel my strength and conviction supporting me. I am becoming self sufficient in managing these energies and communicating with them. I awaken to my day and pause, contemplate…I am shoulder to shoulder now, I walk hand in hand with my presence, there is no separation, I feel whole. I am no longer just observing my presence and honouring its existence…I am now fully connected.

I hear the trees rustle and the birds sing, its effortless…the plant life around me seems to flow and intertwine with my energy as does the animal life that drifts into my sphere. We are all as one. My body is soft…the holding patterns and pains I experienced daily are replaced by a new sweeping energy, it feels fresh and youthful, I am at peace in this moment.

I feel drawn to spread this magic around my space…everything I touch and observe in my environment gets attention and its all stemming from this stream of consciousness. The space begins to vibrate as I swish through it tending to the needs of all the manifestations I am gifted with in my life. I am fully embodying and acting out this flow with grace and ease. I feel no need to know what my next phase brings as its arrival is imminent, so I welcome the process as one. I am starting my assent within my feminine cycle and I feel into it with every fibre of my being and I feel blessed. This is who I am. This is my authentic self. I have found my true nature and yet it all feels so familiar to me, my path has taken me home, and as I contemplate this sensation it occurs to me where else would I be going…all of life is made up of cycles of life, death and re birth, why would this re alignment be any different.

My mind begins to wander and I feel the early rumblings of new shoots deep within me starting to make their way to the surface…what else is out there? What other cycles are we out of alignment with? What form do they take? My knowing tells me there is so much more to experience on this journey back to source. The feelings of movement I now experience in my days, months and years makes me whole and ready to receive. On I go, always reaching inwards.

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