The Return

She comes to me, inside my heart. I feel her warmth and softness caress my streaming thoughts. With a gentle touch she sweeps away the harshness and I open my arms to her and I weep with joy as we are reunited. I feel a release and my body softens and I am firmly on the earth in her presence. I have yearned for her breath to touch my ear and hand to caress my back as she supports me through life. Mother, I cannot live another day without you wrapping your warmth around me, nourishing me and guiding me with love and peace. My soul has longed for this moment and it is everything I could have imagined and more. She is wholesome and giving, wide and encompassing in her presence, I effortlessly absorb this energy, it is almost hypnotic. There is no resistance, I welcome her into my heart with open arms, we embrace and become as one.

To know her is to love her, she is the mother of all that exists and she is here for each and everyone of us…she is eternal. She is everywhere all around us. I sit with her now…watching and listening…there is no words that can express what we share between us in this moment…it is the unspoken language of the soul.

I ponder her return inside my soul…this is more than the course of the feminine cycle I am tuning into…this is a cycle we are all experiencing…the mother has returned and with her she brings co creation, nourishment and peace. This possibility excites me…what if all the darkness in the world today has been an expression of the feminine aspect of the source of all life travelling through a phase not unlike our winter or when we see the moon fade into darkness…just a grander version than we can perceive? What if she has been journeying through the underworld and we have merely been acting out and expressing her decent?

All I have to study is my own cycle and my experience. This is the blueprint that I have been given, the platform that I build upon. Curiosity and wonder allows me to reach out like those who have dared to do so in the past and theorise such grand ideas. The connections feel real…the evidence is all around me…I trust in this wisdom that has reached out to meet me as I have stretched myself to places I never knew existed. This journey has taken me to some wondrous places and I feel like there is still so much more to connect to and in-still within my soul. I feel safe in my knowing that the mother aspect has returned to the collective to nourish us…a new era has begun…my hope soars in the face of this realisation and my path inwards goes on knowing she has returned to us.

The return of the mother aspect to the collective brings compatibility in developing a growth mindset…she supports this in each one of us…harness this powerful magic inside your soul, its rising in all of us who tune in and listen…its readily available and abundant. Lets grow together and see what we can achieve as one. Most of us know that feeling, even if its was only glimpses for some of us, of having our Mother or another female care giver present, not even interacting with us but just there…what we are stepping into now as a collective is not unlike that feeling. So be still and search for it…she is waiting for you to find her, her arms are open wide ready to embrace you.



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