The Rhythm of Life

As I continue to give presence to my misalignment I begin to realise the nature of illusion itself…it really is only a narrative. And when we hold beliefs, either from our lineage or direct experiences in this life ,they take on form that we in fact create. We create the monsters and the fear inside our hearts. They are the stories we secretly tell ourselves, indulge in and evolve. We develop them behind closed doors. The secrecy itself is an illusion as we are unknowingly playing out these fantasies energetically with everyone we come into contact with…we buy in to each others fanciful creations. It creates so much division as no one is ever really present to make an intimate meaningful connection with another person. A real authentic relationship can never really establish itself when all of us are travelling through our mind scape from past to present experiences and never having a fresh-faced interaction with each other in the here and now…it makes for a very stale and disconnected existence don’t you think?

Living a present life is about seeing each day as an opportunity to improve on the last…it’s about building, and building is a process…step after step a project begins from the ground up…that is how you grow your life…you build it up and you don’t move onto the next stage until you have completed what you are currently investigating. Each new day we awake to is filled with these opportunities and the are open to everyone.

Everyday has a new beginning…so start with clear intentions on what you are going to do in the hours that follow from your waking moments, choose something that is going to bring you closer to values that you know in your heart are honourable and in alignment with living an authentic life…try out different ways of bringing in that change no matter how small, you will grow through your experience of that day using experimentation and curiosity as your reference to enhance your opportunities for open-ended learning. At the end of the day set aside time for reflection and choose what served you well, and was in alignment with your values and what wasn’t, and do this without judgement, just decide if it was helpful or unhelpful in connecting you with what your truely value in your life. Decide for yourself worked and what didn’t. Go to sleep…allow your soul to slip back into the darkness and let your dreams take care of the rest. When you wake the next day check into your heart centre, this will allow you to fine tune your intentions, you can release the previous day and make any course corrections necessary to build on yesterdays learning.

Living in alignment with the feminine blueprint each cycle naturally follows this path…going from new beginnings, to growth, reflection, returning to the shadow and making course corrections to releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us, and then back around again and again and again. The Moon also follows the same cycle, so whether you are a Man or a Women there is a process that supports all of us in unison. Each cycle building on the experimentation and learning from the last. It just flows…

The last cycle we all experience together is the seasons…some places in the world recognise more than four seasons, nonetheless there is still a flowing cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth happening fluidly as the year transpires.

Ritual is such an important part of living your days, moons cycles and years…having set anchor points throughout each cycle allows for growth to happen rapidly. They can become truly divine and magical over time as your repeat the ritual over and over again you are evolving that anchor point and adorning it, as it is consistency and predictability that is key for growth to happen. It’s beautiful when you begin to witness yourself effortlessly bringing in more colour, shape and form to each ritual you preform.

We travel and oscillate with our planet through the days, moon cycles and years. These 3 cycles are our grounding pattern…like ripples in a pond we are sworn to live by them, there is no kingdom on this planet that is not ruled by these 3 laws of nature. All 3 follow the same pattern…we are all kin when we move in these circles. That is how we thrive on this planet…not by stimulation from the outside influencing or confusing us on what is the way out of this crisis. Not by judging or placing blame and creating more division but by step by step re aligning with living life day by day and creating empowered change inside the individual mind scape of each soul on this plant intrinsically and by choice…choosing to re connect with our legacy and wanting to be at one with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

Tune your attention into this moment, because it is the only moment that counts. Give yourself permission to listen to your heart and shed the skin you carry weightedly through each day…renew and re invigorate. The split second that you wake up…pause…create space…even only a sliver because that is the first step…that is the magic moment where you can make that course correction and begin to sync in with the rhythm of life.

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