My words echo past my ears as if I am only truly hearing myself for the first time, unconscious responses roll off my tongue in a rehearsed fashion…Who is this person? Where are these words coming from?

The mask I have worn is operating outside of me, I can see it as I sit still and watch from a distance. I begin to judge myself but stop sharply as I need my attention to observe these words and sensations, I need to give presence to all of it so it can be moved on. The remnants of the old structures I have lived within up until now are leaving me…I am thankful for all they have done to get me here and shape me so I can proceed along my new path. The shackles are off…I no longer need these structures, they are mere ruins that offer very little support…the debris is accumulating now and I need to dismantle the remnants of the structures that no longer serve me and have it ready to be left at the threshold when I transition into my next cycle. It’s time to graduate up into a new paradigm…a landscape that is wide and vast, one where love can thrive…what does that look like? What environment does love need to thrive? These questions will take me across the threshold. It is now time to hand over what is no longer needed, give it back to the whole…make the shift and open myself up to what course corrections need to be made for the next cycle to begin. I bundle up my offering and leave it by the gate as I walk forward…Gratitude for this process washes over me, no matter how strange and difficult it has been at times to navigate and stay on the path…it is all resonating with me…doubt drifts past, of course, but doubt never stays too long…the presence I’m beginning to manifest airily puffs itself out and sweeps off these intruders with a new-found confidence and a self belief that all is coming once I stay focused on connecting to the present moment.

The familiarity of this step in the cycle of life comforts me, it hugs itself around my soul…I can feel it deep within the fibres of my body now…vibrating deeper and deeper as I practice cycle after cycle…the connection is strengthening and the communication I’m recieving is direct. The more debris I shift and uncover myself under layers of conditioning the more alive I feel…this is living…uncovering and bringing your true self to the surface is living and I will always live this way…this is a process I will follow until my body can no longer support me..and then it will die and I will continue on this journey as I have done here on Earth…it will go on and on…never ending…and I am filled with joy that I have stumbled upon this path…always moving in growth cycles, just like the Earth has done for millennia…how perfect and whole it all truly is!

Living in this alignment was almost lost to me…the world has been such a confusing place for so long. Living on linear time had stretched me out so thin and far that I was limp, weak and docile. Humanity is trapped in a conditioned state of unconsciousness, repeating old patterns obediently…we are all lost souls…re connecting with the natural cycles and rhythms of life offers us a framework to build ourselves back up again…to re animate and restore what has been lost for so long…this is the ultimate find…there is no ancient civilization or scared site in the world that can provide us with this type of intelligent guideline for living…it is our legacy and our heritage…the path is open to all who seek it…no person is excluded from living this way…it is a universal way to live harmoniously together without expectation as each individual is responsible for their own freedom. We all hold the key to unlocking the path to enlightenment all you need to do is awaken, unify and embody and the rest is waiting inside you…all the intelligence is there you just have to listen to it, give it your attention and nurture it to grow. The smokey wafts of awakening tentatively swarm around me now…enticing me and breathing their embers around me…slowly clearing and cleansing as each connection is made forging the path forward for me to travel onwards. On I go into the next cycle…a new beginning is emerging now…my senses are sharp, my mind is focused and my body is strong. I know I am on the path…its staying on it that I must focus on…there are many diversions and deceptions waiting ahead…stillness sets in…I tune in deeper, this needs to be my focus now…deep connected listening always…I must stay on the path and listen…always listening and observing, it has got me this far but more practice is needed…and growth will follow…always turning and oscillating upwards turn after turn and the way is always revealed. New shoots are emerging, pushing up through me now…I do not resist…I embrace it and feel it, I welcome it and invite it in.

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