As the mask I have worn for so long is fading away…the essence of what is real is being unveiled. There is an expression of love inside me and it is called vulrenability…it is a gateway to connection and love between people. It’s a catalyst for bringing us out of separation and into a state of unity. Denying another soul’s need to be connected, safe and loved is an act of treason against the authentic state of love that we all hold inside of us.

The world we live in today seems to have no place for all of the many shades and tones that love manifests itself through. It is mistreated and misunderstood and called many names that do not even come close to what it embodies. Vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness…this perception creates so much confusion and disconnection between people…The rising wisps of this love state are so often severed by fear of its power…unconscious attacks are taken out when vulnerability rises…it is pushed away and denied presence.

Why have we become so afraid of feeling love in all its formats? Why have we forgotten to give shelter to others in need and open our hearts when vulnerability shows itself? We turn away…we accuse…and we shame…this environment breeds victimisation and keeps people down…a heart that reaches out only to be severed or stopped in its tracks becomes bruised and swollen…inflamed with hurt from the disconnection…we all have the power to sooth a vulnerable soul through curiosity and wonder at the shared existence we all experience…life is always going to throw things at us…just because we are aware it doesn’t mean we are indestructible. We still need each other, we still need to give awareness to all of the love sates that exist inside of our being…grief is another pure expression of love, have we forgotten that love is a spectrum…it has many shades and tones. Bringing love out of the shadows needs a lot of reformation, to share your hollow points and bring their real ness into existence in order to feel whole again is something we all need to practice more. There is a shared concern amongst humanity to filter these emotions through a new lens…to stop seeing another souls insight and observation of the basic human need to feel connected as a burden, but as an opportunity to affirm the needs of all people as a whole, identify the core needs and begin to create new patterns to support and illuminate ourselves.

Saying “Yes” I too have this need in me…this creates a cohesiveness that binds us all together…it gives us all a base line of what core values we all have…no exclusions. This base line vibration once touched in a person can instantly illuminate a sameness and a oneness, but we so often just don’t go there…we stay on the surface and take what ever action we can to bypass this action and ultimately avoid meeting that part of ourselves…social niceties and expectation keep us trapped from ever setting the tone for what is possible. Are we going to keep building walls? Are we going to continue to isolate each other from bonding on a soul level? Or are we going to have courage and risk the honesty and openness to meet the vulnerable parts of ourselves through acceptance and wonder at how complex the needs of humanity are, and bring awareness to those needs without judgement or expectation, to just illuminate them and know their existence and hold them close and nurture them to wholeness within ourselves.

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