Out of the Shadows

New pathways are opening up and a new state of being is beginning to emerge, there is a fogginess in me…I feel like I am just waking up from a long, but needed slumber…wading my way up and out to begin my day…my mind oddly silent, just before the chatter begins…I catch that moment and give it my full attention…I take up my power cord and plug-in to all the moment has to offer…catch it if you can…and hold your focus on it as you begin to travel through your day…invite it into your life…nurture it by letting every sense meld into it…and as you do this day after day you will begin to notice that it is taking up residence in you…you now experience the moment in a deeper way…your making room for it and growing it in your life…the moment and our experience of it is the equivalent to having a companion who is always with you and needs constant feeding…we just have to keep feeding the moment with attention and feeling into it. It is our channel to self-love. Self love builds it self through our actions we repeat daily. Starting everyday to the beat of your own drum…you set the tone…you choose the tempo, the rhythm and the pace you go at…you decide what truths you want to live and die by…tune in…let your senses guide you and absorb the now.

It’s all about repetition, the more you repeat a daily step the more it becomes your new state of existence…repeat repeat repeat…any skill can be learned with practice…keep trying to find new ways to improve your day…examine every moment and fill each one with conscious action and attention…fill up every moment with attention…give the moment all of your senses…let every sense be there…give it presence…let go of all those tight spots…breath deeply…listen to the sounds around you…feel your hands and your feet…smell the air…taste it…feel the surfaces you come into contact with and extend that feeling to everything in your immediate environment…and then go beyond where your are…let it spread out past the tree tops and up into the infinite sky above…the moment holds everything, all of it…the whole universe is with us in every moment. The moment is where we live…life is living in the moment…there is no past and no future…we only exist in the here and now.

The moment holds so much and there is so much to feel, the motions of the earth, moon and planets all transcend into every moment…the state of our collective…the distorted patterns and frequencies of love, empathy and compassion that are being emitted but not received travel and rotate out of alignment driving us further apart…what if more of us tuned in? What if more of us could see and feel all that is out there…What would our communities look? What does a world living from an authentic state of love look like? Real love for people’s source values needs to be given presence and space to grow…all of the debris needs to be cleared away and the seeds of this love state need to be planted so we can start our daily practice and begin to feel and manifest this new world into our lives. A new consciousness where the Victim is replaced with awareness of vulnerability, where saviours practice unconditional compassion through detachment and perpetrators are filled with self-love and the power of empathy to heal any situation. It’s time to come out of the shadows and into the light moment by moment and growth is sure to set us free.






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