Many days have passed and the stillness remains…I tentatively adjust myself continuously in the moment…the space that now swirls and drifts around me emanates a peace,  it is like a mist that I am breathing into my soul…many changes have taken place and my practice of living in the moment is building momentum.

As I reflect on the last few days and what I have seen in my mind’s eye and what I have felt in my body, I am humbled by the force and power of creation. The deepest solidified parts of my conditioned mind have been alchemised and a new stage is now in play. I have wandered the last few days stunned, amazed and challenged…by the sheer in arguable truth of what this work connects us with. The truth about thought being a state of form or matter…and how dense those though patterns and beliefs can become. These sacred healing truths are the path to salvation amongst the Kingdom of Humanity.

Through deep introspective observation into the darkest parts of my psyche and with the use of conscious presence, a change has happened. Bringing awareness to the cycles and rhythms of life was a step inwards but going beyond those shifting waves, deeper into the conditioned mind has lifted something out of me, something ancient and filled with a poison that corrupts the soul and its natural state of being. The moments of its release required stern alertness and application of conscious presence. As I journeyed to the core of these beliefs, feeling my way through the spaces no available to me, my body shook and vibrated transforming the density of these patterns and beliefs into a lighter form…there may be more parts of me that need this level of alert consciousness, all I know for now is that I feel lighter, and this new feeling is part of me. I have been searching for those old reactive spikes to cut through me as I live my days, waiting for them to re appear…but they have dissolved completely and have been replaced by this peaceful mist that envelopes me.

The sensation of a deep-rooted pattern leaving the body feels like you are being pinched from the top of your head and pulled upwards…there is a plasticity to it, it’s as if your whole presence is being reshaped…there is a taut upright feeling in my body…a lightness and a new energy is present. I observe this with curiosity and wonder, as I would any natural event…the smashing of the tide on the rocks, the blossoming of the flowers in spring time or the decaying leaves in winter…I observe it inside myself and give it presence to exist, to be a natural process of nature…I don’t question it, judge it or argue…it just is.

All of nature’s events, process and cycles are wondrous, they are perfect and magical, being an alert actively conscious human being is bringing me back to centre, where I am beginning to feel the wonder of nature transforming me just as it does the earth all around us, the alchemy of nature is within us too, all we have to do is hold our mind steady, open up our hearts to a neutral space, be still and marvel at its magnificence…the art of living is something worth investing in…there is many jewels to be unearthed…as the mist settles into the new space that has opened up inside, I drift through the clouds and I forget…It is as if I am being inoculated from all that has come to pass in my life…I willingly absorb the medicinal value of this sensation  and I surrender…this is my space…this is where I live.

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