As the moon waxes and grows full there is a surging motion beneath my feet, as if the ground is swelling and moulding its self to the soles of my feet, we are moving as one entity and flowing seamlessly, pulsing with life. The mist I had been cloaked in has dissipated and a void remains…the mind plays its usual tricks, pushing up feelings and trying to grab my attention as if wanting to take this space for itself, no part of me is giving it up. I have been focusing my attention on the space, asking myself what do I need to bring into my life? What parts of life that I connect and gel with need to be given more space to grow and develop?

When space opens up there is an opportunity, what we decide to use this space for is up to us, and this is where the moment of fusion happens…a transaction is made when you fuse that space with the part of your life you wish to evolve. More attention and focus is available to be placed on something new that you want to grow. All of the energy that was placed on the deep-seated emotional pain from the past that has been dissolved has to go somewhere, what couldn’t be before suddenly seems possible…all the barricades have been removed, and stepping into the now I can feel the early vibrations resonating where new patterns, creativity and purpose begin.

This is an exciting time…the ascent continues and these news sensations I feel budding up need time to establish…the intention has been set and the moment is filling up and charging forward with a flowing momentum. Holding steady in the moment is just as important in times of great growth and movement as the mind will attempt to intrude and amplify these feelings, which only ends in more misalignment and heightened states of being that do not encompass source values or emanate from a space of neutrality. Being a conduit for this change and not identifying with it is necessary, after every growth phase a resting and slowing is sure to follow. Observing and holding a neutral position is key…wonder and curiosity give me distance as all of these events transpire in my inner space…space between my watchful eye and the world of shapes and forms. We are multi dimensional beings, layered with many levels of consciousness existing, waiting for us to observe and orientate ourselves within our inner world. Stillness brings it all into view…the happenings are not you…they are currents that flow, fuse and dissolve…all that is needed is conscious alert observing and this creates an understanding from an intuitive perspective.

Seeing and feeling the fusion of space with creative intention has brought me great joy…this learning experience is within me now and I will recognise it when I see if happen again, these experiences bring me great comfort and ease…mindful observation of the present moment has slowed all the sensations of life down and each aspect of life is unfolding and revealing itself where it exists, in the moment…this practice is a source of joy, the curiosity it allows to be applied to every experience feels natural and wholesome. A deep sense of gratitude embodies me and holds me in place…in the moment…the place where life is lived.


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