Silence speaks to me, it has a way of saying every truth that exists in the moment, this silence lives deep within every one of us, it is growing and my outside world is no longer in tune with the song that is playing in my heart. My heart is growing and that growth is pushing all of the shapes and forms that surround me into question…every action, reaction, pleasure, desire no longer hold the same values they once did. The pause is alive and active and before that automatic response charges forward the pause is now holding onto the moment and my attention is needed to bring forward that new growth and decide if this action is part of my true authentic self.

It’s hard work, my shoulder is to the grind stone and I am trundling through each action as it arises, there are many set backs, failures and misguided attempts…I swing between alignment with the now and attainment trying to find the midline, each action needs individual attention and tuning. I can feel progress rolling out beneath each effort, it isn’t a constant state for me, but it’s building…I need to follow the pull, all of my conditioning is resisting the moment, resisting the truth…this pummelling that I’m coursing through is just another smoke screen…as the illusions crumble I begin to identify less and less with the outer world. So much of how I have lived up until now has merely been an attachment to pacify the underlying truth, always looking for another thrill, fix or pleasure to mask the knowing deep inside, in the silence…a silence that speaks once you begin to walk away from all of the excessive stimulation that surrounds us everyday.

I am listening now…I am tuning in…this silence has a presence…it is expanding and growing…it needs me to work with it…I need it and it needs me…neither can exist in a state of authenticity without this connection. If I stop feeding the silence with attention and care, it will withdraw and go dormant…waiting for me to once again say yes, I see you in me and I am going to nurture you to  a state of health and happiness…I’m going to listen to you and meet your every need. This is a silence that speaks the language of the soul…tune in…contemplate and give it space to rise within you, its essence is pure and untamed, wild and powerful. It’s your true nature, accept this part of yourself and give it presence, grow it with love and attention because there is no other source in this world that can sustain a Human…no practice, ritual or action in this world offers this kind of sustenance. As you feed it, it nourishes you in return…its a very complete cycle…a cycle of self love and self care, once established and put in place it starts a chain reaction that begins to take on a life of its own and this moment brings with it a purpose to living.

Take away all external stimulation and what are you left with? What gives your days, moon cycles and years purpose? How much of what you actually focus on, do and give attention to is related to your purpose? For most of us, very little…our focus is on what we should be doing, have to be doing and all the non vital needs we put out ahead of that silence…no matter what we do…the silence is always there, no matter how much we distract ourselves, make ourselves busy, exhausted, drained and stressed, tell ourselves we need to conform to external influences, be more, have more…the more we are just running away from the silence. So the next time you feel like you “need” something….feel that uncomfortableness stream through your body…pause…and ask yourself, how does this serve me in becoming my best self? Will this bring me deeper into that silence or take me further away? You have the power to decide what grows and what doesn’t in your life…you are the creator who brings forward the new from the the void is where all life stems from and we have a direct link to that magic space if we tune in and listen to the sound of silence.

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