Grow your own way

Core beliefs emit a frequency that comes from the furthest corners of our inner worlds, with strength and focus these narratives can be unearthed, some of these beliefs have surfaced and passed through me, coursing up through my body and bringing chaos and confusion to my outer reality as they carry out their purpose. It is as if they have been laying hidden in plain sight waiting for me to notice the havoc they have been causing, always there feeding every experience, tainting it. My experience has been at the beck and call of these deep-seated false beliefs. How could I ever sustain an authentic experience when this tapestry has been masking my true authentic state, a state of pure conscious presence.

We are all stimulated into submission by beliefs that do not serve our higher purpose. Finding these triggers and flicking the switch turns on all the lights and these ghosts have no place left to go…when they leave you everything changes, situations you once believed were of service to you decay and wither away…the truth of entanglements we find ourselves in with others is revealed and opportunities to invest in setting new standards for ourselves are open. It’s painful and confusing but holding focus on the stillness pulls you through and out the other side…it’s the final shift out of the old into the new…a kind of black hole where any energy that is no longer compatible simply peels away and a raw new state of existence remains. Something so corrosive and changing happens, its painful, but growth is…change your inside enough and your outside world with automatically start to shift and align with your truth.

Growing your own way takes courage, dependency on others for this journey dampens down the souls intrinsic desire for autonomy and self-sufficiency. Once your soul begins tuning into its natural self-expression un stimulated by a need to be anything more than fully present in the now you know that the lights are on and no more distorted cycles are spinning you out of alignment. The pull becomes stronger…the outward appearance of people, places, and spaces shift their meaning and significance effortlessly, clarity rings through and a deep sense of knowing and trust is manifested.

Trusting in the pain of creating new life, new pathways and new experiences takes faith, faith that is tested when such things fall away, faith in the onset of renewal and course corrections. The power of these practices is raising my vibration, it is showing me its truth…the stuff you are made from and what you contain, whatever it is inside of you whether your are aware of it or not decides the life you live and the reality you experience.

We are all fundamentally made of the same stuff but what needs to happen for us to return to this state from our own personal distortions is completely different, there is no formula, guide or one size fits all…tuning yourself is an individual journey…we are all oscillating at different speeds and depths, no two people are energetically alike, even when a soul is in perfect harmony it is still unique…it is as if we are all musical notes on a scale, each one has its own natural state of being and is unlike any another. Respecting and honouring each others tone and tune is essential to bringing harmony. Play your part and grow your own way because we are here to live our own experience not mimic, copy or re-create the conditions or circumstances of another. We are all special, all worthy and all at the right place in the creation of our own individual heart song.

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