A fuzzy droning sensation stems from the outer edges of my etheric field, the narrative that is pressing upon me is twanging to perforate my present state. Short repetitive exposure to this narrative over time will weaken my field, for now I can sustain myself enough to continue to grow my inner strength. All of the other soul’s pain, expectation and regret stems from their experience as they project it onto me…a time line past and future accumulated into this one powerful force…I have no reference for it, I have not lived this soul’s life or walked in their shoes nor have they walked in mine but through me they stimulate and breath new life into the old…blowing it over me and shadowing the present moment with its long reaching shadow…the distortion and noise is unbearable…all tuning becomes scrambled as the projection strengthens…some projections have more force than others and some are so toxic they seep into your energy field and intrude your natural state until you are forced into submission and your truth is lost to you…domination…the poison of choice in todays collective, is the most damaging of all projections we experience as we travel through life.

What filters we have and how we use them either leave us open or shut off to this type of distorted interaction with one another. Who are we to say we have done this or that? Attained or achieved something more or less than someone else? No experience is ever going to replicate another…no two events are alike…the conditions differ and vary so much how can we ever say we have done anything that anyone else has or hasn’t? When will we open our hearts and explore the diverse sensory experience each person has in life…two people who walk down the street at the same time don’t necessarily have the same experience, how do we ever really know what sounds, images and scents feel like to another person, our programming wires us all so differently…instead of comparing to compete why can’t we compare to understand?

The subtle differences we all have are our gifts, challenges and gateways into feeling our way through life, why can’t we celebrate each other’s presence and fill up each others cups instead of draining out what we can to keep our own false identities alive and live in the misguided glorification of the illusion of attainment…in the now we hold no thing…all past is past and the future has not yet been created…why can’t we meet as we stand on any given day and at any given moment…just have a “take me as you find me” approach to each and every exchange we make…no long reaching projections that require us to leave the now…no conditioned responses…just attentive focused observant listening with every fibre of our body…no longer shutting out the presence of the other…no illusion of separation…recognise the other person fully without judgement…what does that even feel like? How many times a day do we fully tune in to the people around us?

So much effort goes into hiding ourselves, we all perform such elaborate acts to hide ourselves from one another, using tricks of the eye and slight of hand to sweep, cover and mask our vulnerabilities…only to bring further distortion and amplification to our gifts…we are all masters of deception, so much so it has become so wide-spread and acceptable we have forgotten our true nature…we have created a world of illusion where we are all lost and trying to find our way back home…back to the authentic harmonious state un stimulated by world of illusion.

Once you begin to strip back the walls, it can be a maze and you can lose your way, but there is a beacon inside of you and when you listen it lights the way and as if by magic the path becomes illuminated…its time we all began to listen and unravel this mystery…nothing requires our attention more. Speak your truth, make your stand, do whatever it is your heart tells you to do in any given moment and you can create change, one moment at a time…each one a step towards our natural state of being together as we are and not having any more illusions to breathe life into…no more false identities just people experiencing each other and witnessing life, however that looks feels…be the witness and act with love, such a simple message to send out from our hearts could change the outer world as we know it today. So dig deep and get comfortable in your own skin, practice everyday, because when you practice all is coming…

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