The Watcher

What does being feel like? Just stop what your doing and listen to your body…every cell in your body is moving, vibrating, being…as you observe them notice how the mind we so often identify with plays no part in creating this…our cells exist whether we observe them or not. They know what their purpose is, no mind or action required, they just are, they exist and behave accordingly as the moment arises. The intelligence that every fibre of our body is laced with, knows what to do. The mind is a tool, as is the body, thoughts are created and rise each and every moment whether we observe them or not, this is the process of the mind…it does a wonderful job at creating patterns and solving problems, that’s it function… just as the heart beats and the lungs breath, the mind makes connections. Imagine all three functions operating in your body right now, observe them in your body simultaneously. Being is only fully available to us when we harmonise these three functions and bring them together as one unit. They are a shared system in the body, mind is not seperate but part of the whole, part of an autonomic response that allows us to exist.

Now hold onto this observation…if you are not your mind, your heart or your lungs…who are you? You are the watcher…being the watcher allows for present moment existence and observing the moment as it arises…accepting the struggle and the joy spectrum of life as it is in flux around us in every moment. We do not intend to only experience joy because struggle is growth, struggle allows us to develop new instincts so we can continue to evolve in the changing landscape that surrounds us. Embracing the struggle is part of being…listening to the inklings inside the body guides us, these inklings are not mind created…they stem from the intelligence deep within the cells of our body, when our mind is clear and we are present listening to this compass acts as a traffic light system…it gives us, green, red and amber readings…filtering through the response to where we are at energetically and presenting the pathways we must take, because life is movement…not movement towards desire or attainment, but movement in accordance with the moment as it arises and what steps can be taken to manifest our higher purpose. This is not a mind created illusion, but a knowing that is being directed from inside our soul, our purpose can only be revealed to us through communication with this response within the body.

The waves that surge through us give meaning to our life, they open the possibility to experience bliss in the present moment, feeling into the moment as it arises takes on a whole new challenge for what is possible…living on the edge of creation at every moment takes great skill to master, you feel like you have to risk everything just to live from that place…finding comfort in the sheer force of this natural state seems daunting at first but as the days pass by and attempts begin to lengthen you know that your efforts are all part of the journey, your natural state begins to shift with more ease.

How deep does the moment go? How many generations will proceed us before we begin to realise how powerful the moment really is? I can only be where I am now, and I know that every day, moon cycle and year I am practising and improving my focus and familiarisation with the present moment. Tune into your heart, lungs and mind..the heart beats, lungs rise and fall and the mind flows…what a beautiful symphony expands before you when you observe all three together. Pause and explore this reality, take stock of who you are…you are the watcher and you belong in the now.

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