I feel as if every cell in my body is waking up to the present moment. Some are still stirring and rising out of this deep slumber I have walked through up until now…every moment conscious alertness is manifesting itself, deep-rooted beliefs and distortions have come to the surface time and time again…the level of digging required to unearth what lay hidden in plain sight has taken me out of my body at times and deeper inwards at others…I have contorted and twisted myself to work out these poisons, working on my focus to find the balanced neutral point of existence and surrendering to it and letting go of suffering time and time again.

As I sit still and observe my inner world there is a sense of preparedness about my being…I have cleared my inner landscape from so much and I feel as if I have created a vessel in which I am ready to receive…I observe this state as I do every other…with curiosity and wonder…it is not something I posses, it is who I am…I am becoming this receptive force. This state has come about through intense focus on the present moment…emotions still rise and fall, thoughts, stories and patterns stream through me but I am becoming less and less identified with them, sometimes they stick around for a while and I toil before letting go and other times they just pass by like clouds in the sky…the stillness remains unchanged yet fuller and more bountiful than before…the lens that I view the world through is now clearer, I can see how suffering is a mind created infliction…the spectrum of life has no polarity…there is just the now and everything that is happening now is in perfect order…growth and evolution is what we see all around us…we are all existing in this moment and we are all where we are supposed to be. The universal laws that govern us supports a harmonious world, when we practice mindfulness and alert conscious awareness and surrender to it moment we are fully supported and our inner guidance shows us the way.

The mind is not our navigator, our soul is…because our soul is made of the fabric of universe, the fabric of life itself. Our mind is a form, like our bodies…it’s a tool we use to carry out our purpose here. The story of Humanity is developing and the era of mind domination is coming to an end, the future people of this world will look back on this time in history in centuries to come and marvel at the design of human life on this planet and how we consciously took a leap forward on the evolutionary scale.

Continue to purge your being of distortion and misalignment, do your bit because we all have a role to play. If you falter…get back up…we must all build this new world together. It’s time we changed our tune…adjusted our tempo…let go of our distortions and allow our true nature to unfold. Let’s soften our bodies and let go…when you resist it, your perpetuating the cycle of mind domination…when you let go and make space for presence to become your natural state then that’s all there is. However you choose to live out your days just keep in mind what potential we have, ponder it…give it some attention because that’s a start and starting is usually how most journeys begin. Be brave, trust your inner guidance and surrender to the now.

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