Winding deeper and deeper into knowing and surrendering to the present moment has taken me to a place inside myself, a place I could never enter before…it had chains, a danger sign and thorns that I could never be present with before, inside this place lives my shadow…seperated from me by the illusions my mind created in response to my conditioning, as this conditioning alchemises into spiritual wisdom I begin to feel at home in the darkness, sitting, watching and observing it as it rises, releasing it and accepting it…accepting myself as I am…imperfect and evolving.

Living in the moment means full acceptance of life, all the imperfections that exist inside our own being and in the world at large. When you come to this place it is humbling and as you observe where you have come from your eyes begin to widen with wonder at how far away from your centre you have been living…completely removed from all of the life that exists inside of you, the intelligence that is inside each one of us is far beyond any man-made experience…the knowing and guiding force available to all of us continues to amaze and drive me on this path of self discovery. Every layer you shed and dept you travel to within, supports you and as you begin to exist from this place and be in this inner environment, it begins to shape you, just as living somewhere in our outer world shapes who we are, where we live from inside ourselves also has the possibility to shape our being on a spiritual level.

Giving presence to your inner world allows it to manifest…conscious awareness gives rise to consciousness…by observing it we are breathing life into it and allowing it to grow and flourish…the early seeds we lay down need time to incubate, and before long those vulnerable new shoots will rise…peeking out into the world ready to be shaped by our awareness and the world around us…a new dimension is rising and giving a whole new meaning to being a human. Give yours some attention today, open your heart and observe the silence that sits deep inside you and what rises from it, for it is from this place that all new life is born into this world. Our shadow is the very fabric that life is made from…it is the cloth from which we create new ideas from…allow yourself to be wrapped in it’s warmth, take down the cladding that stops you from entering the womb of humanity…be brave…feel your way into the darkest parts of your soul and unearth the richness of new life!



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