We are all servants in this life…we are either serving our mind or serving the moment. Being in service is what we do best collectively…it is the one thing that binds us all together, through all the distortion and illusion at the very core of humanity is servitude…thats what we all do as a unit…except we have lost our way and we are all serving false idols…the self created ego is a falsity, we worship our ego’s endlessly and this cycle perpetuates itself though the very core of our living energetic environments and is mirrored back into the world around us, through our political and social culture. A global shift in focus is needed, away from our minds and into the now, into our bodies and our hearts…fearlessly practicing this skill as we go through each of life’s cycles. Every effort knocking us off just far enough where we can re-align…bringing our attention back into our bodies and back into the now. Who are we when we are no longer wearing our past? We are vulnerable and exposed, who are we when we are not yet our future? We are creatures made of clay…not yet formed…we are open to interpretation and capable of shifting our shape to meet the needs of our inner purpose…look out into the world and see people all around you in this way…how can you judge something when it’s incomplete? It’s in this incompleteness that we all exist…all at different stages of development, all living in this moment, competition is an illusion…we are brothers and sisters…all serving the now.

When we are no longer in slaves to our mind, competition and dominance has no place to exist…living in the now annihilates it…we only have one focus point and we can aim it at our mind and the mind will dominate us or we can aim it at the now, the present moment and serve it, with intention and focus and trust in it. It will begin to heal you from the trauma of mind enslavement, so you can reawaken, come out of the deep slumber and walk in the light, come up and out of your shadow…grow out of your shell and bask in being alive in the here and now and feel it with every cell in your body. Live from this place…steady your focus and serve, be in service to it…no plans, systems or charts required…one action…be here now.

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